Border Magic Customer Base: What to Expect

Border Magic Customer Base: What to Expect

You will need plenty of work, including planning and capital, to start a business from scratch. Still, you can be an aspiring entrepreneur interested in business ownership but don’t have the necessary support to start your own. It doesn’t mean your dream comes to an end.

Border Magic allows you to own and run a business under our brand in any location you choose in the United States. Here is what you need to know.

Infographic: Customer Base
A border of rocks separating lawn and garden


Border Magic is proud to serve homeowners in neighborhoods across the country with the best landscape edging. We offer custom landscape borders, giving your landscape a very clean look while keeping the weeds away. As a Border Magic franchisee, you'll have lots of residential customers interested in your top-rated edging.

Image of a man placing landscaping bricks


First impressions matter, especially in business. That's why with Border Magic, many of our customers are commercial businesses that are looking for the perfect outdoor concept to match their branding. Commercial businesses can make up a good portion of your customer base as a Border Magic owner.

Image of person tending a garden

Farms and Ranches

There is a lot of need for clean-cut landscaping borders on farms and ranches. From making walkways so your boots don't get muddy walking to the barn or shed to crafting beautiful edging to enclose your natural landscaping, Border Magic franchises help local farms and ranches look beautiful while saving time on landscape maintenance.

Image of landscaping bricks being placed

High Schools

Local educational facilities, such as elementary, middle, and high schools, as well as higher educational institutions, such as community colleges and universities love to have a crisp landscape that helps to attract new students and keep their property looking good. Border Magic franchises help schools with our top-rated concrete stepping stones and pathways. Call today.


Border Magic offers franchise opportunities across this company for those interested in being their own boss and/or adding another service to their existing outdoor living services. We offer a low-cost buy-in, a proven business model, and continuous support. To learn more or to get started, contact us today!