Do I have to have special training or a background before becoming a Border Magic franchisee?

Not at all! You don’t need any sales or concrete experience. Our program is structured to work around your strengths.

What is the initial investment?

Monthly royalty fees start at $395/month for the first year then $495 a month for the remainder of the ten-year term. Check the Investment Section of the website (under Ownership Matters) for more information.

Are there incentives for veterans who want to purchase a Border Magic franchise?

Border Magic is proud of the men and women who have served in our armed forces. We are pleased to offer incentives to our Veteran franchisees. Veterans receive $2,500 off the initial investment fee.

Will I have ongoing support from corporate after I complete my training?

Absolutely! Support does not end after our five-day training program. Border Magic franchisees receive ongoing business operations guidance from the corporate office, and our team is ready to help you with all aspects of your business operation.

Can I own multiple franchise operations?

Yes, you can! Border Magic offers incentives for owning multiple franchises. It includes $5,000 off the initial investment fee and 25% off the royalty fee for the life of the franchise.

Do I need a brick and mortar storefront?

Not unless you make the business decision to rent an office space. Our business model is designed to allow the franchise owner to work from home or from a more formal office space of your choosing.

How many franchisees are in the system?

To date (November 2017), we have 57 Border Magic franchisees with 48 owners and are experiencing growth at a rapid pace. We have prime territories available for prospects interested in a Border Magic franchise.


The Border Magic franchise business gives you the opportunity to design and sell decorative concrete borders to customers from many sectors. Your customer base includes residential, commercial businesses, farms and ranches, high schools, non-profits, golf courses, and memorials just to name a few. Contact the Border Magic team to learn more about activating your franchisee!

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