Border Magic Franchise Process Explained

Border Magic Franchise Process Explained

If you are thinking about franchising, there is a lot to know and a lot to figure out. The very first step is deciding what type of franchise you want to buy. This mainly has to do with determining your personal goals and values and what interests you. It helps to assess your strengths and determine what role you will take in the business.

Border Magic is the best franchise to buy for many reasons; simply put, we make owning a franchise easy, and we always put you first. Today, we will take a look at our franchise process in an effort to help you decide if our franchise is for you. Contact us with any questions and to get started today!

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The Basics: Is Border Magic for You?

Once you decide that you would like to invest in a Border Magic franchise, you want to be 100% sure that our franchise is for you. Can you see yourself operating Border Magic for many years to come? Are you ready for that commitment? If so, reaching out to some of the other owners of a Border Magic franchise can really cement the deal for you. Do your due diligence before making the final leap of faith. We don't want you to have any regrets.

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The Advantages: 100% Support

One of the biggest advantages to buying a franchise is the support you'll receive. You are buying into an already established company that is successful and that offers brand recognition. In that sense, you are already at a huge advantage over the competition. While you will be starting a business from scratch, the framework and all of the initial marketing are taken care of, allowing you to hit the ground running.

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Understanding Your Investment Costs, On-going Fees, and Qualifications

When buying a franchise, there is an initial investment cost. This is essentially paying for the brand recognition and the support you'll receive throughout the lifetime of your business opportunity. This cost can vary from franchise to franchise. In general, it begins at around $100,000 and most top out at around $500,000. This cost can depend on what market you are buying in as well. In addition, there may be on-going monthly and/or annual fees you'll pay the company, and there may be certain qualifications, such as having a good credit score, management experience, and more. Be sure you understand the costs of opening your franchise thoroughly before committing.

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Understanding the Fine Print

You will be asked to sign an ownership agreement, which is the legal document that gives you ownership of your franchise. It's always a good idea to have a trusted business lawyer read this over before signing. Undoubtedly, there will be legal terminology or some other piece of information you will need clarity on. Be sure to clarify with the franchise company. Here at Border Magic, we are always here to answer any questions you may have. Let us know how we can help!

Securing Capital

Securing the Capital

Since there is a large, up-front investment cost involved, you'll want to be sure you have all of the capital in-place before moving forward. There are many financing options available, including great loans for small businesses, that you can investigate. Many people have partners who pool their money in order to start a business. Also, be sure to account for more than the initial fee you'll pay the franchise company. Don't forget there are costs to open, employee costs, local business costs, and more to consider.

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Finding the Perfect Location for Your Border Magic Franchise

Undoubtedly, you've heard the old adage when it comes to business ownership of "location, location, location." This holds true for every business venture. You'll want to consider where your business will be located. Many people begin their business from their home, which helps to eliminate the cost of a storefront and a separate building. While some businesses make this hard to do (like a coffee shop), a Border Magic business is great to operate from home since there is low inventory and you take your products and service to clients; they don't come to you.

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Signing Your Border Magic Franchise Agreement

Once you are 100% confident of your decision to start a Border Magic franchise, you'll sign the franchise agreement. This is the legal document that makes you an owner. Once that document is signed, you'll be the business owner you've dreamed of!


We believe that you can't find a better franchise to buy than Border Magic. Our business model helps to make your business stand out from the crowd, and our leadership team, as well as the other franchise owners, are some of the best people. We are a family, there for each other during the triumphs and the struggles. And while owning a business will be challenging, it will also be extremely rewarding.

Know that you won't be going it alone. Our support team can help you with any challenge you face, make recommendations for resources, and offer helpful advice with sticking points. With our top-rated initial training, you'll begin your Border Magic business ownership journey ready to make a difference in your customers' lives. Take that first step. Reach out to us with questions, and sign up for our next Border Magic franchise training today!

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