How To Own a Border Magic Franchise

You will need plenty of work, including planning and capital, to start a business from scratch. Still, you can be an aspiring entrepreneur interested in business ownership but don’t have the necessary support to start your own. It doesn’t mean your dream comes to an end.

Border Magic allows you to own and run a business under our brand in any location you choose in the United States. Here is what you need to know.

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Meet the Minimal Requirements

Border Magic has been in the franchise business since 2003. There are many benefits in owning a Border Magic franchise, especially during the peak business seasons. First, you will need to have liquid capital totaling $70,000. Liquid capital is cash that you can access without a traditional loan. Second, you need a total investment of between $64,350 - $105,000. This is the cash you are expected to inject into the franchise to make it operational.

You are also required to pay a $25,000 franchise fee.

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Estimate Your Worth

The ability to estimate prospective client prices is among the most important parts of the franchising business. There are two techniques you can use here. Most homeowners calculate the estimated time taken to mow their property and charge per hour. The problem with this method is that time can be affected by land features like slopes, rocks, and ornamental landscapes.

If you own a Border Magic landscaping franchise, we recommend pricing according to lawn size. This is an arbitrary setup for price structuring, plus you will have a more professional price structure.

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Know The Basics of Landscaping

Border Magic is not all about installing borders. We also offer landscaping and edging services. Therefore, to own a franchise, you must have the basics of landscaping if the business will thrive.

There are many ways how you can forge your Border Magic franchise here, either residential or commercial landscaping, or even both.

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Know-How to Set Prices

This is, of course, the first step before guesstimating your worth. This is where you must come up with a price value to use as a baseline. We recommend coming up with an hourly rate for yourself and your employees.

However, you cannot share this rate with customers. It’s only for your eyes to enable you to figure out the cost of a job. You can determine this rate by evaluating prices from your competition, using family or friends to source information, or going the profit margin way.

Partnering with Border Magic is exciting. We are the only franchised homecare company in the United States, and we actively seek to promote entrepreneurs like you by allowing you to open a franchise in your area. So, if you have the idea and interest, reach out to us and let us help make your dream come true.