The Latest Trends in Landscaping and Curbing You Should Know as a Border Magic Franchise Owner

The Latest Trends in Landscaping and Curbing You Should Know as a Border Magic Franchise Owner

Landscaping and curbing are two essential parts of the hardscape design industry. As a Border Magic franchise owner, it is important to keep up-to-date with the latest landscaping and curbing trends to better serve your customers. Here are the latest trends in landscaping and curbing you should know. Get started with us today!

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Sustainable Design

Sustainable landscaping and curbing design are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners and business owners alike. People have become more aware of their ecological footprint and are looking for landscaping and curbing solutions that are environmentally friendly. Some sustainable landscaping solutions include low-water and drought-resistant plants, wildflower gardens, xeriscaping, and permeable pavers. Our edging products fit right in with sustainable design.



Minimalism is a trend that has been growing in popularity in the design industry over the last few years. In landscaping and curbing, this trend is translated into simple and clean designs. Minimalist landscaping involves a lot of empty space in gardens, few plants for a clean look, and the use of straight lines to create a modern look. Curbing can be made with simple, clean lines as well, using sleek materials with a minimalist design. Find out more today.

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Outdoor Living

Outdoor living areas are another popular trend in landscaping and curbing. Homeowners are looking for ways to enjoy and extend their living spaces by creating outdoor spaces. Installing unique patios, decks, and pergolas, and outdoor kitchens or fireplaces further improve the look and functionality of outdoor living spaces. Get more ideas about Border Magic's concrete landscape edging, curbing, and walkways help to craft beautiful outdoor living areas today.

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Natural Elements

Incorporating natural elements in landscaping and curbing design adds more visual interest and texture. Natural elements such as stones, gravel, driftwood, and pebbles are popular choices to add to hardscaping designs. Using natural elements amidst our concrete curbing and walkways is an excellent way to add texture and variety to a design while working with greenery.

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Smart Technology

Smart technology is popular in homes, and it is also becoming more mainstream in outdoor living spaces, including landscaping and curbing. Automated irrigation systems, solar-powered lighting, and other smart systems make it easier to maintain your outdoor space by automating watering or remote monitoring.

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Mixed Materials

Mixed materials in hardscaping have always been popular. With advancements in technology, mixing materials has become more common in curbing, with the use of texturing and paints to spruce up plain concrete or asphalt. Mixing in paving stones for curbing is also gaining popularity and is a great way for you to spruce up your curbing jobs.

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Creative Curbing Shapes

Curbing has always been about creating unique borders and dividers for landscaping. Now, there are more options for creative curbing shapes, from curved designs to zigzag patterns or undulating lines. The ability to customize the shape of the curbing makes it easy to create a unique design tailored to the homeowner's preferences. Consider adding creative curbing shapes to your offerings today.

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Water Features

Water features bring soothing sounds and tranquility to any landscape, from simple bird baths, fountains, and small ponds to bigger waterfalls. Homeowners who are looking for more elaborate designs in landscaping and curbing can easily integrate different water features for a more unique looking outdoor space. Add this feature to your landscape edging projects today.


These are some of the latest trends in landscaping and curbing that you should know as a Border Magic franchise owner. Understanding these trends helps you create better design solutions and offer better services to your clients. Landscaping and curbing trends change with time, so keep an open mind and explore new innovative ideas to stay ahead of the competition. Remember to consult your clients, listen to their passions, and create customized solutions for them. Explore landscaping and curbing suppliers that provide new materials and treatments regularly so that you can expand your services' versatility. And, as always, we're here to support you every step of your franchising journey. Contact us today!

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